Past Present and Future

You can split plant engineering into general categories: Reliability and Improvement.

“Improvement” can either be discrete jumps (like after a large capital investment), or incremental gains.  Most often, there is an obvious cash reward; otherwise you wouldn’t do it.

But to do Improvement well, you need “Reliability.” Reliability is the foundation – understanding where you are means you stand on rocks instead of sand.  How else would you know an improvement?

To be reliable, be consistent and stable.  Meet your targets everyday. Know when you are veering from success; know what’s expected and needed, and do what’s necessary to get back there.

Improvement looks to the future, Reliability is the present. It’s easier to get caught up in the past and the future; to live in the present is difficult. And it’s crucial to sustainable success to have people who can do this.

How do you keep your focus on the present?

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Steph Holko

Reliability Engineer in Steelmaking. I love the business and the process. I'm working to inspire others to care about the details. Novice runner, environmentalist, supporter of kids in STEM.

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