Reliability and Running

I’m a novice runner. I just finished my first “big” race last weekend (I finished!).  While I was trying to develop my running habit, it struck me how training for a race is similar to Reliability Engineering.

Stay with me, here.

Both Reliability and Running (or any habit, for that matter), require similar things to see progress:

  • Focus: working on the same goal every week
  • Baby steps: incremental advancement as you do those easy runs, or monitor the process, or generate failure modes
  • Repetition: only by doing something over and over again can you develop proficiency
  • Avoiding distractions: similar to focus, but instead f different work, this is about not procrastinating when something more fun comes along, (like sleeping in)
  • Listening to your gut: if it feels like there’s something else going on – an injury or a hidden failure – it pays to investigate

Once you get a little good at it, it becomes easier and you can play instead of grinding out the miles. Or the Root Cause Analyses.

What’s the end goal you could be looking for by developing a Reliability habit? A stable process is one that can be improved.  An equipment maintenance plan minimizes costs and headaches.  These can be your end goal, or part of something larger: a new product line because the process capability is understood; healthy equipment because there is room left in the budget to tackle your backlog.

In future posts, I’ll share some habit-building skills to help. How do you relate Reliability to habits in your life?

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Steph Holko

Reliability Engineer in Steelmaking. I love the business and the process. I'm working to inspire others to care about the details. Novice runner, environmentalist, supporter of kids in STEM.

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