What’s Next, Reliability Ninjas?

Hello Reliability Ninjas!

I started writing this blog to share why I think Reliability is valuable. I’ve found that new engineers or new reliability leaders often need to spend time figuring out why their work is important and how it fits into their organization’s goals. Call it “Meditations on Reliability.” Hopefully you’ve found something useful here, some ideas that has made your work seem relevant or given you words to find a voice. I’ll continue to write about this, but I’d also like to branch out.

I love feedback – can we expand this discussion? What would you like help with? Some ideas I have:

  • Specific tricks to make reliability work easier
  • Ways to organize your reliability program
  • Business book reviews (and how they apply to reliability)
  • Mentorship
  • Something else?

Please answer in the comments, or email me at steph AT longgamefighter DOT net, and tell me what you’d like me to write about. I’ll do my research so you don’t have to.


Reliably yours,


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Steph Holko

Reliability Engineer in Steelmaking. I love the business and the process. I'm working to inspire others to care about the details. Novice runner, environmentalist, supporter of kids in STEM.

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