Respect Your Elders

This is part public service announcement.  Part reminder.

Respect your elders. “Elders” are those with much more experience than us.  They’ve built that plant from the ground up and watched it fail, then built it back up again.  They have lived the things I can only theorize about.

Lately, people seem to be in more of a rush than usual to get to the point and move on.  I’m here to remind us all that not only is it rude, it’s counter-productive. And I find it fascinating to learn the history of the place where I get to work.

So next time the person who came up with a now-accepted equation or methodology or repair plan wants to tell us how it came about, maybe we should pull up a chair and get comfortable.  Because they created it out of nothing, from their smarts and experience.  It’s obvious or logical now because they made it that way.  Settle in and learn something from the greats.  We can spare the time.

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Steph Holko

Reliability Engineer in Steelmaking. I love the business and the process. I'm working to inspire others to care about the details. Novice runner, environmentalist, supporter of kids in STEM.

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