Old Dogs, New Tricks? Or, Tension is Key for Problem Solving

A colleague responded to my post on listening to those with wisdom to remind me that it goes both ways…listening to the younger generation means new ideas, fresh eyes, different skills sets can be tapped to solve problems.

We get further as a whole when there is respect on all sides and everyone’s contribution is valued. Sometimes that means those who think it’s all figured out (because they did the figuring) will have to retread some ground. I also think there’s value there and so patience is required again.

Training the next generation is part of it, but there is more value there then just passing the torch. When two fundamentally different perspectives work together at a common goal, it can be magic. Make no mistake, it takes more work to find the middle ground where the team is performing (maybe the storming phase takes longer), but the power harnessed for good is much more than it would be if you only had one perspective at the table.

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