TargetReliability is all about hitting targets, consistently. Creating stability around the mean, predicting failures and intervening early if economical.

I’ve talked about why I think reliability is important. How many people in our organization know what the targets are? And how many know what progress is being made?

If reliability is an important tenet of our business (and I think it should be), making sure everyone knows the targets is also important. Targets and tactics should be in full view, tied into our business and individual goals, and repeated often for all to hear. Just because leadership decided on it once doesn’t make it fact. (I was reminded of this recently – just because it’s straight in my head doesn’t directly translate into everyone else’s brain.)

In other words, if you are a Reliability Worker, you probably live in the system. We attend meetings and understand how our work matters. There are only 24 hours in the day and everyone else isn’t in those same meetings, hearing the same message we are. Goals – and the steps to reach them – may be obvious to us, but others haven’t been on the same journey. We need to communicate often, to our teams and those invested in the outcomes.

Two reasons: a consistent message helps with credibility (ours and the target’s), and it becomes easier to remember and thus act upon.

Help us out: how do you communicate, communicate, communicate?